Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office – A blessing Indeed!


Iphone users often find it inconvenient when they cannot have word documents saved in their iphones and they have to rely on some electronic gadget, which is compatible with word documents. Well, this problem has been taken care of and an app called “Document Writer – Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office” has been released on iTunes.

For me as a student it has been a real blessing. With several assignments and reports to be submitted I can always work on my phone while travelling on my iphone. Ever since the launch of this app my life has become a lot easier. First I had to carry my laptop all the time with me to university and it was a big hassle but now all I have to carry is my iphone with me.

This app is not only great for students but for all those people who have to work on word documents a lot. Document Writer – Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office allows you to create and edit word files on your iPhone or iPad and also convert them to PDF files and transfer word files to or from your laptop, PC or Mac Book wirelessly or through a USB. Moreover, the most convenient thing is that you do not need an internet connection to edit your word files; this saves money and battery both. Often I have to e-mail my assignments to instructors and this is easy with this app as I can attach word files in my e-mails and send easily. Moreover, I can also view Power Point, Text, PDF and RTF files on this app. If you want to save your documents on Google Drive or Dropbox, this app can also sync word files to them. You can also download word documents from anywhere and save them and open them anywhere anytime without the use of internet.

As far as the word editor is concerned it is pretty much the same as Microsoft word. There are different font styles and sizes available. Bold, italics and underline options are also there. You can also select the text and background color from all the basic colors available and text alignment options are also available. If you need to insert any pictures you easily to it too and can also take photos from your camera at the spot and insert them to word files. You can always copy paste text anywhere from your phone to your word file. If numbering or bulleting is needed it could also be done. Moreover, its user-friendly and the most convenient app ever made for iOS users.

As you can view PDF files on this app, the viewing size could always be adjusted according to the requirement. Several folders can be created to save files, which help me keep my stuff well organized, and files could be named and renamed as you wish for.

Overall, this app has made life my life much easier and simpler. I will recommend each of you to buy it if you need to create and save word files.

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