When Did Instagram Go Down?

When Did Instagram Go Down

when did instagram go down

Thousands of users are reporting outages on Twitter and IG. Is it IG’s servers? Or is it Facebook’s? Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, recently implemented a major change to its site that hid the likes count. The change, which started in May in Canada, aims to reduce the pressure on users who use the number of likes as a measure of popularity. Those who have been using the app for a while will still be able to see how many likes they’ve received.

IG’s servers are causing the outage

While Instagram isn’t addressing the outage on its social media accounts, users are reporting a similar problem on the app. Some users have even turned the issue into a meme. While the outage isn’t as widespread as some previous problems, some users report seeing a red error bar every second. Users should re-upload their Stories to fix the issue, and force-shut down and restart their Instagram apps to try to fix the problem.

Facebook’s servers are causing the outage

The reason behind the outage on Instagram is unclear, but it appears to be related to recent issues with Facebook’s servers. According to a former employee of the social network, the outage could be related to a software bug or misconfiguration. A faulty update may also be to blame. Regardless of the cause, the outage would have affected the ability to update the internet. Facebook’s services power much of the digital economy. Businesses reliant on Instagram and Facebook ads were also affected.

The problem began with an error in Facebook’s DNS (Domain Name System) system, which enables computers to find websites. The DNS is like a road map, and it tells computers where to go. If Facebook changed the DNS nameservers, these servers would no longer be able to find the domain names. The failure caused a cascade of other problems, and Facebook’s servers are now experiencing the outage.

Instagram’s servers are causing the outage

If you’ve tried opening your Instagram account and seeing the message “Your account is suspended” on the screen, you might be experiencing an outage. Several hours ago, Instagram was down, but it’s now back up. The problem is reportedly the result of Instagram’s servers. While it’s unclear why the app is down, users are reporting intermittent outages and a “Welcome to Instagram” display. Nevertheless, Instagram Comms have issued a statement saying the app is “back up and running.”

As of 4 pm IST, Instagram has restored service to most users. Users are reporting that their feeds are no longer refreshing and other pages are not loading properly. According to Downdetector, the outage seems to be intermittent and has been affecting fewer users than other social media sites. But there are still a few reports of issues, including problems accessing DMs. While Instagram has not provided an official statement on the reason for its outage, it has apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Users are reporting outages on Twitter

Many social media platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, have experienced outages in recent months. Users have taken to Twitter to report the outages. While there is no official confirmation of the issue, most reports show that there is a spike in outages in major cities, and that the outages are intermittent. Thankfully, the outages were brief and didn’t last long. Below are some of the most common reports, with a brief explanation.

The outage started at 19:30 GMT, when users began reporting outages on the social network. While some users reported issues with seeing DMs or replies, others have reported outages as a positive sign. This is a new trend for social media services, but some users are already complaining. The company said it hasn’t found any evidence of any data breaches. While many have called for users to switch to open-source apps like Signal and Telegram instead, it’s hard to tell what’s best for users.

Facebook apologizes for any inconvenience

The outage occurred the morning after a whistleblower revealed the issue on “60 Minutes.” The whistleblower, Frances Haugen, told Scott Pelley that the ranking algorithm used by Facebook has caused misinformation to spread and is harmful to teenage girls’ mental health. The outage caused Facebook’s stock to plummet and hurt small business owners. Facebook apologized for the inconvenience and said the issue is “internal.”

The outage affected mostly users of Facebook’s mobile app and other apps on cell phones and sites where the service is used. WhatsApp users were not affected. While text messages and phone calls were not affected, the encryption used by WhatsApp was cited as a possible culprit. Facebook has not yet given an official reason for the outage, and it is not clear when the platforms will be back up. However, the outage did prompt some lawmakers to question Facebook’s safety chief.