What Type of Door Locks to Choose in Berlin?

Door Locks

Many times it may happen that you must change a lock on the main door and we do not know what to choose or that kind it suits us more to install. To know that class is the one that best suits our needs, nothing better that count with the technical advice of a Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS locksmith of confidence.

An important fact to bear in mind at the time of the acquisition, is to verify that the mark of lock that is purchased, has the stamp of official recognition. This is to certify that the same, has passed all the tests of resistance established.


To differentiate you can classify, orienting conveniently the type of locks, depending on the class that is needed. These can be:

  • Multipoint Locks: composed of multiple anchor points, which give greater resistance to be installed in armored doors, armored, solid and high security. These are fixed by the locksmiths in the framework, hindering their leverage by strangers and avoiding robberies.
  • High security locks: in this class are differentiated in closures sausages or overlays. Have fewer anchor points depending on choice and some may have a system called anti pick. Commonly used in Schlüsseldienst Berlin door openings and also double when seeks to strengthen the structure.
  • Recessed locks or dished: a mechanism very currently used in exterior doors, whether type metallic or wood. Its opening is performed by a latch, which rotates and locks the closure system with the key corresponding to the lock.
  • Locks borax: presented major complications at the time of duplicate key due to its closing system, so that require expert’s locksmiths for installation or opening. Your system is easier for thieves to access, by which are disappearing from the market today.
  • Tubular locks: employ the same opening mechanism that the latch and can be closed from the inside. Used most often in public places, toilets, rooms and other places which are intended to be close from the inside. The inconvenience that presented, is the possibility of catching in the latch and leave enclosed to the person who is in the room.
  • Superimposed Locks: commonly installed in external doors can be set from the inside. They are simple to open to the robbers, because its closing system is not positioned directly in the framework and facilitates the leverage of strangers.
  • Digital or Electronic Locks: currently very much in demand, because the locking system with which have better protects the housing. To open the door is available fingerprint cards, or special codes, which increase the strength of the door. Installed frequently in hotels or buildings that require greater protection, but are ideally suited to private homes, for example.
  • Cylindrical locks: have a special cylinder to enter the key and are used in doors of outdoor type. Very common in openings for homes, offices, offices and commercial premises, among others, for more security.

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