What to take with you when you change jobs

you change jobs

Specialists from Harvard Business Review believe that is ideal for people who change jobs to keep good relations with former bosses or colleagues, although there is the temptation to tell everyone about her true opinions, according to Reuters.

Many people are tempted, when resigns, colleagues or bosses to tell others what they think about them. However, it is in your interest to leave on good terms. Here’s what to take with you when they change jobs:

1. Relations. Say thank everyone treated you well and helped you. Show yourself get in touch. You never know how you can help these people.
2. Samples of your work. Take with you documents that might help in finding a new job, but secrecy or strategic documents.
3. A dossier of smiles. You should take your e-mails and messages that have been congratulated and commended for your work.

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