What Happened to Facebook and Instagram Today?

What Happened to Facebook and Instagram Today

what happened to facebook and instagram today

There are several theories about what happened to Facebook and Instagram today, but one possibility has become very clear: these sites are going offline. The site was down for several hours and speculation about what was the cause swirled around. Some people suspected a distributed denial of service attack, while others said it was a malicious insider. Facebook has since explained that the outage was a routine problem caused by a technical glitch.

Workplace platform

You can connect with your colleagues, friends, and other people through the Workplace platform, but don’t let your personal Facebook account intrude on your work account. Workplace only has access to your social networking site, and your personal account can only be viewed by people you choose to allow to view it. This way, Workplace’s features can’t be misused by your coworkers. But, you can share photos and videos with them to share the best moments of your day.

Oculus platform

What happened to Facebook and Instagram today, and what’s happening to the Oculus platform? Both social media sites were affected by outages today, and Oculus was no exception. While most Facebook features remained down, a few users were unable to access games or other content on the Oculus platform. As a result, the company suspended the sale of its virtual reality headsets and services in Germany.


What happened to Facebook and Instagram today? After weeks of criticism, the companies finally reactivated the services. Facebook explained the disruption as routine maintenance operations and an issue with the technology behind the platform. The company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has been under fire for months over the misuse of its services, particularly Instagram. According to a leaked transcript from The Verge, Facebook’s chief executive is quick to warn colleagues that breaking down their services is a big deal and could cost them their trust.


The Facebook and Instagram apps went offline for several hours today. The outage was one of the largest disruptions to the website in years. For several hours, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger were not available. This caused widespread confusion and disrupted communication and business for users. The outage took hours to resolve, but now the social media sites are back up. The downtime affected both creators and small businesses, and many people were unable to log in to their accounts.

Messenger were all inaccessible

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were all inaccessible for thousands of users worldwide today. A third-party outage map shows that the three services are down globally. Instagram users reported issues with updating feeds while Facebook Messenger users reported no login issues. Users complained of glitches with other content. WhatsApp was also affected. According to the outage map, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are all down in different parts of the world.

DNS failure blamed for outage

A major DNS failure at Facebook and AWS could have caused the outage on both Facebook and Instagram. A DNS service failure would cause Facebook’s DNS servers to fail to resolve requests from users. That means that users would not be able to connect to the site or access the social networking app. The service was still reachable through other means, such as through WhatsApp or Instagram. Employees of Facebook were unable to use company domain emails as well. According to Cloudflare VP Dane Knecht, “BGP routes for Facebook and Instagram were pulled from the network.”

Impact on businesses

Social media has transformed into a major player in many markets, including Myanmar and India. Users use Facebook and Instagram for messaging, live streaming, virtual reality, and more. 3.5 billion people worldwide are registered users. These social media sites offer many digital services, including shopping, social networking, and advertising. It’s estimated that 50% of the world’s population uses social media. However, how is the new world order affecting businesses? Here are some ways to keep up with social media.

Resilience of Facebook after outage

Earlier this year, a major outage crippled Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among other properties and plug-ins. The event was compelling because it affected the global financial and power grids, as well as national emergency services systems. The outage lasted six hours on Monday, and was so widespread that some people compared it to a “snow day” for Facebook employees. To be sure, a company like Facebook is not immune from outages, but this outage is an opportunity to evaluate their resilience.