Twitch Girls From Playboy’s Cover

twitch girls

Hundreds of girls spend time daily at Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, FIFA, and GTA broadcasting their hobbies through Twitch. Who are these hot twitch girls all the geeks drool over? Take a look but keep your saliva flow under control!

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a social network for streaming. You need to play to the gallery in the literal sense: go through the levels and comment. That’s all.

Twitch is one of the mainstreaming video sites. Broadcasts are conducted there by more than 600 thousand streamers, and their monthly audience exceeds 45 million people. All communication is live on the Internet, but only popular authors who create the show out of nothing go to the paid top. 

However, now the streaming service has become a platform for a vast number of people who want to get a fast buck. You receive donations, and in addition, the well-promoted channel brings additional revenue from advertising. For a thousand unique views, you can earn $ 3.5.

And not the last place among the “artists” of the platform is occupied by girl streamers. And it often happens that twitch girls do their best to use its appearance to attract subscribers to its channel. Today I picked up 15 hot twitch girls who are not shy about showing all the charms of their figure on camera.

What are the hottest twitch female streamers?

  1. Pink_Sparkles

Southern California streamer who loves League of Legends. The girl often streams her real life and is a regular on the Twitch blacklist for numerous violations of the rules. Sparkles regularly engages in frank conversations with hук subscribers, exposes hукыуда, and behaves defiantly.


  1. DeerNadia

A 20-year-old beauty from Arizona is the daughter of an Italian and Venezuelan with a thin waist. The girl loves dogs, one of the main characters of her streams is the Boston terrier nicknamed Sassi. DeerNadia’s gaming past began in early childhood when she competed with her brother in Mortal Kombat. Today, she plays in Hearthstone, H1Z1, and LOL.


  1. STPeach

STPeach is a professional CS:GO gamer. The girl has a powerful gaming computer and two cats – Alfred and Leo. In addition to an excellent shooter gaming, STPeach is fond of sports, maintaining his beautiful figure in a brilliant form.


  1. Tara Babcock

One of the most seductive blondes on Twitch used to be a professional model and has been fond of games since childhood, starting with Atari. She also loves to try various indie games and discuss sexual topics (if only her dad hear that).

Tara Babcock

  1. Lilchiipmunk

Carolina “Lilchiipmunk” – half Romanian, half Vietnamese, raised in Canada. The girl is really interested in games and looks pretty good in League of Legends. Although hardly anyone is looking at how she deals with enemy champions. All eyes are on her neckline. She is one of the most beautiful twitch girls.


  1. Schyax

The red-haired beauty from Portugal is fond of broadcasting League of Legends, Outlast 2 and so on, and also often devotes time to streaming. The girl inspire respect by the fact that she does not stand out with flashy and vulgar outfits – she is really beautiful, she knows about it, but she also remembers that, first of all, gamers are judged by the level and quality of content and twitch girls are not the exception.


  1. Djarii

This girl is a talented person. This Scottish girl can flog anybody in World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Heroes of the Storm. She is also the owner of an art designer diploma and uploads quite immodest videos on her channel.


  1. Emiru

A Texas native of rare beauty inherited not only a bright appearance but also a sharp mind with a good sense of humor from her parents (German and Chinese). The girl is interested in League of Legends and plans to go to college.


  1. ClaraBabyLegs

The provocative behavior of ClaraBabyLegs often ‘forces’ moderators of Twitch and YouTube to ban her content on platforms. Apparently, the girl was tired of receiving disqualifications and went to adult sites. If you “google,” you can find very candid videos with her participation, but you better enjoy her streams.


  1. DizzyKitten

This American pretty loves cosplay, video games, and cats. She is 24 years old, she plays Overwatch and often cosplays the characters from the shooter. DizzyKitten started streaming in 2013 and since then has often pleased her viewers with revealing images and a good game.


  1. CinCinBear

The owner of 8 million subscribers is incredibly beautiful and does not hesitate to let see her gorgeous body. The girl regularly plays in Overwatch, CS: GO, WOW and Minecraft, and also loves anime. In addition to games and animated series, CinCinBear is fond of cosplay and has its own online store.


  1. Mhova

A professional model from Dallas recently tied up with fashion shows and began broadcasting various games on Twitch. Favorite projects include Overwatch, Destiny, H1Z1, World of Warcraft, and so on. In addition, the girl practices yoga and spends time with her cat, Brian.


  1. Morberplz

Another beauty with curvaceous forms diligently hides all personal information about herself, but who cares about her biography? People come to see her streams for other reasons. Morberplz most often plays in Hearthstone, Firewatch or indie projects. She is fond of horror such as The Walking Dead, Limbo and Through the Woods. Traditionally, she loves cosplay and regularly sits in front of the camera, showing her low neckline — no fresh news for twitch girls.


  1. KayPeaLol

This fan of League of Legends is a little more modest than most of her competitors, likes to communicate and does not even hide her real name – Kelsey. The pretty brunette lives in Canada and owns two cats (Ronin and the Moon), and often posts great videos on YouTube with the game in LoL.


  1. ChloeLock

The finalist of Britain’s Next Top Models contest is studying at the Faculty of Philology and works in the fashion industry. However, she has time to start a stream on CS:GO, H1Z1, or real life. Well, not without traditional streamers cosplay.


These were the most beautiful and hottest twitch girls you can ever find. Have you enjoyed it? 

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