Secrets of a million smiles, dentists revealed

A recent study published by “The Daily Mail” highlights the most important rules that people should consider if they want healthy teeth and a flawless smile. In Britain, for example, according to the rules established by the Ministry of Health, patients who have no care for their dental hygiene dentist may be refused, which is not bound to treat.

Dental hygiene is not complicated if you know a few simple tricks.

Dentist Anthony Zybutz from TDC Implant Centre, says that each brushing should last 2 minutes, morning and evening. Some electric toothbrushes single stop after 2 minutes of use, but those who can use a simple brush clock to properly wash, how long it takes.

Although it seems a long, this is the great secret of proper hygiene, expert says. You also need to keep its head half and half tooth gum. Be careful not to press too hard on the gums, not to hurt them.

Regarding toothpaste should not choose an expensive product. 

The ingredients are almost identical and most important is the toothbrush and brushing technique. Zybutz states that it is essential to use twice a day and floss to prevent accumulation of plaque.

Nina Tetra, dental assistant Mervyn Druian’s London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry warns here that there is a cleaning technique: thread be kept slightly inclined, so that you can clean the tooth and around the edges, not just teeth.

If you do not like the thread, choose a brush interdental that clean with 40% more food debris between teeth than brushing easy. These brushes have different sizes and be used once a day, before normal brushing.

Secrets of a million smiles, dentists revealed

People who have implants or older can use instead a special shower mouth: pressure water jets to clean debris from teeth.

If you use mouthwash, wait for at least half an hour after brushing, otherwise water will remove the beneficial ingredients of toothpaste.

If you have problems with bad breath

Choose a mouthwash containing chlorine dioxide. Gum diseases are recommended mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine, a compound that destroys plaque, but these products should be used only 2 weeks and only on the advice of the dentist, because they can stain teeth.

In terms of nutrition, dentists recommend eating no more than 4 teaspoons of sugar a day and avoid acidic foods or beverages that destroys tooth enamel.

The products should be eaten in moderation or as little as: diet soda, fruit juices, energy drinks, vitamins effervescent vinegar.

Smoking affects

Smoking affects blood flow to the gums and is one of the main causes of tooth loss. For those who cannot stop smoking, Zybutz advises to go to the dentist for teeth cleaning at least every 2-3 months. Those who are smokers should go to the dentist 3 times a year, says Zybutz.

The teeth are carefully cared not be affected by plaque, which will strengthen the form of deposits of tartar. They will extend under the gum, where they cause inflammation and even infection – gingivitis.

The most serious gum disease is periodontitis, which leads to tooth loss and requires treatment. Currently there is no need for surgery, the available methods of laser treatment that removes the affected tissue.

For those who want to have whiter teeth using a special paste, experts have bad news: it only removes surface stains on teeth. They contain little hydrogen peroxide, the ingredient used in professional whitening dentists.

Effective whitening dentists will use a special gel hydrogen peroxide, which will be held on the teeth for 90 minutes in the office and then home to continue treatment.

Those who do this treatment, which is quite expensive, you should avoid for a few weeks then stain teeth foods such as coffee and red wine.

Stars turn to another trick: use thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the tooth surface. During the procedure, the doctor will remove some of the natural enamel of the teeth before porcelain paste. The advantage is that it can withstand life if the teeth will be carefully looked after.

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