How to makeup according to eye color

A seductive look is worth a thousand words, so let your eyes speak for you! And to convey the appropriate message (for example to show how beautiful you are) it’s better to put them out with makeup right! Each type of iris (brown, blue, green or black) is fit certain color combinations. If you close the shades used for eyelid makeup, you might be able to be the center of attention. No need to upload your eyes with all sorts of fancy colors, but you just has to know how to match them so they’re great!

How to choose the right colors? Well, besides eye color, it is important to keep in mind the hair color and complexion. Makeup result should be a harmony between your natural shades given by eye, skin and hair, and makeup colors.
Here are some recommendations based on your iris:

Brown eyes makeup steals everyone’s heart … right!

People with brown eyes are lucky because they can choose from a larger variety of colors as long as they harmonize beautifully with the skin tone. You can opt for shades like gold, beige, orange, khaki, purple. For a more natural look, use light shades and dramatic one can opt for darker tones.
For blondes with brown eyes can choose shades of gray, beige, gold, brown, deep purple, plum, indigo.
For redheads with brown eyes can opt for earthy shades like copper, peach, olive, golden brown.
If you satena or brunette shades of brown eyes go like: beige, cream, brown, brick, bronze, blue, purple, indigo, violet, plum, that will highlight the eyes.

Green eyes, always believe them … right makeup!

I know the proverb says “green eyes, never believe them,” but the right makeup change everything – the need and proverbs, not 
A rule of thumb when choosing colors is not to apply an eye shadow in the same shade especially when you have green eyes. So we go on complementary and contrasting colors we choose to highlight green iris. Gold, purple, beige, pink, brown, peach, are colors that we can rely on eye makeup.
Blondes with green eyes also may choose to shades like gold, peach, plum, violet. In general it is good to watch as to avoid the dole amount makeup makeup strident.
For redheads with green eyes can choose the colors as copper, the range of macros, reddish brown, chocolate, and plum. I recommend not using too many colors, as already green eyes are enhanced by reddish hair and get a whole makeup too colorful.
Brunettes with green eyes can opt for contrasting shades such as the dark brown, gold, indigo, cicolata black.
Blue eyes shine like the moon … with the right makeup!
They are quite rare and can be identified by colors such as purple, gold, peach, brown, copper, rose.
For blondes with blue eyes that charm can use shades like lilac, peach, and gold, brown, copper. You acquire an irresistible look if you apply a bit of rose in combination with brown. Play with textures and pearl mate! The pearl will give you light and a special appearance!
Or satenele brunettes with blue eyes can use intense shades such as copper, burgundy, black, great color that will contrast with the eyes. Do not apply makeup blue shade as it will enhance the color of the iris, on the contrary!
Redheads are possessors of blue eyes can choose colors such as copper-colored, peach, golden brown range sites. Exclude green or blue for the appropriate issue.

Dark eyes and gentle, love is…

Flamanzi…! So proverb at least. Instead I will say that if your eyes are dark as coal and make-up right … I love you and who want you! Your eyes will be spoiled shades such as gold, brown, and beige, sandy, lilac. This very rare iris color can be nice put value and the eyeliner. Also hired black eyes are usually very thick eyelashes, long and eyebrows to match. Capitalizes on these features because you will put out the eyes!
Blondes with brown eyes are hard to meet, but when you meet stay charmed by their charm. If you are such a lucky, relies on shades of golden, sandy beige.
Brunettes with dark eyes and shades can choose according to your skin. Black eyes in combination with skin white as Snow White can be put in value by contrast shades of indigo, navy, and fuchsia.
Those with olive skin can opt for gold, beige, and sandy.
Now that you know what to do to have a look seductive, growth attracted … other eyes!

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