Let the games begin or how much do twitch streamers make

Let the games begin

So, you want to know how much do twitch streamers really make? Well, you asked the right guy. Let’s take a sneak peek at just how players make the twitch income.

If you think gaming is just a mugs game, think again. To cut a long story short, video games can make you a millionaire. No kidding. Sounds too good to be true, right? I know, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But that is not the case when it comes to Twitch streaming. Hopefully, this leads some enthusiasm to what I am about to tell you.

I know a lot of people with a burning passion for video games. But their parents or friends are not thrilled about this hobby. They think all this time could be spent studying or engaging in a parttime job. I suppose it is high time for these guys to buckle down and monetize gaming. Just like dominating twitch streamers have already done.

How much exactly do Twitch streamers make?

I bet the first thing that comes into the mind is: how much exactly do Twitch streamers make anyway? Let’s answer this question once and forever!

For starters, if twitch streaming does not ring any bell to you, do not worryyou are not alone. A Twitch has proven to be a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. Not to mention a valuable source of supplementary twitch streamer income. So, it is not difficult to guess that a twitch streamer is a person that streams on the platform Twitch.

Each stream has its unique chatroom, where you can interact with people from around the world. You are allowed to leave comments under the stream as well, and the gamer will respond to them. Due to communications in realtime, it appeared that the streamer is your bosom body you gaming or chatting with.

It might interest you to know: Who wants to sit and watch people play video games all day long?” Here is the answeran enormous amount of people, it turns out. How is that for funny? Did something go wrong? Nope, not a single thing is wrong here. People also watch cricket or football when they can play it themselves.

Do not think I decided to duck the question: How much do twitch streamers make for real? I always pay close attention when the matter concerns twitch streamer revenue. But it popped into my head that I forgot to mention their income sources. At a guess, I would say there are at least 4 ways of earning money: donations, commercial, subscriptions, and sponsors. Let’s make a deep dive into every one of them.

4 Ways of earning money on Twitch

We start with donations. Which is the same as tips. Viewers money from the credit card to their fav streamer and they receive the majority of them. Very simple. Not a single cent to Twitch. Every now and then the platform takes a 1% cut but it is an awfully strong word in this case.

Twitch has recently introduced its solution for donating called Bits. It is kind of Twitch currency. 100 bits are costing 1.40 dollars.

Twitch currency

Why do people love giving money to gamers on twitch?” you ask. Does that sound strange? It shouldn’t. When a person entertains you, a feeling of donation comes within. Many guys streaming live have a funny bone. So they can get you to roll on the floor laughing or send a chill down your spine in the certain game moments. Plus, most of the donors are the grownups using their own earned money. So, if a person can afford to donate, he does. Another reason is people who have more money than they know what to do with it. Just saying.

Commercial. Have you known that streamer earns no matter when you watch an advertisement? Furthermore, a partnered streamer has a special button called the ad button. Whenever he presses it, magic happensall the viewers watch a commercial. As a result, streamer makes good money. That alone is worth streaming for, right? It can be compared to a gold mine. Some streamers never use this button while others just running it nonstop. Anyway, it is all up to the streamer how often to press this wonderful button. Make no mistake about it.

According to hard information, advertising revenue averages about $250 per 100 subscribers.

As you see, the ad is a valuable source of money. But unfortunately, it is not 100% guaranteed, fullproof way. Some people use adblock. That is why the streamers have nothing left but looking for other options of making a living.

Many are curious: how much do twitch streamers make a year? Professional players can make a fortune! Even millions of dollars yearly.

Subscriptions (should not be confused with followings). That is where the real money is made. For viewers, it is a way to support their bestloved gamers. For the streamersone of the most popular ways of earning on Twitch.

Just for your information, fans of gaming can pay 5000 dollars a month to be subscribed to a channel. Not bad, huh? In exchange, they get sub badges or specially designed emotes for chatting. Sometimes streamers choose to reward their subscribers with an adfree viewing experience.

streamers choose

Remember that streamers will not receive all that cash. Twitch will split everything 50/50 sharp. If you have gained 10.000 viewers or more you can hold 70% so only 30% go to Twitch. E.g., Ninja has 120.000 subscriptionsthat’s 423.000 dollars per month of subs alone.

And the last but not the least is sponsorships. Usually, sponsors or game publishers offer a promotion or a lucrative partnership. The calculation is not my strong point, but a gamer can make from $1,000 to $10,000 per hour (with already fairly professional stream). Following a game he’s playing.

When the brand sponsors you, they can boost your earnings. Once and again brands find streamers themselves especially if they already built a large following. Nowadays there is a bunch of marketplaces where pro gamers and sponsors can meet online. But for a sponsorship, the company needs to see growth and a massive viewer count. As Twitch is full of truly successful players, so it is a highly competitive market. It sure looks that way to me. In addition, you have to do your best to convince the brand you are the perfect match for them.

Twitch: Is it worth it?

Finally, a twitch streamer salary depends on many factors. Like popularity, viewership, YouTube compensations, affiliate sales, merchandise sales, etc. But if you are dead serious about turning gaming into a gold mine, take a shout at Twitch. Probably, you will manage to turn your hobby into a career, who knows. If you still have some doubts, the game for you would be up even before it starts.

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