Instagram shopping: Sales Have Never Been As Cool!

Instagram shopping tags

Last year, Instagram announced the global launch of Shopping Tags. Shopping tags are unique products’ tags in posts and stories. Tags were designed to simplify Instagram shopping, build love communication with customers, and increase sales. 

You can specify the product’s price and direct the buyer to the site with the help of the shoppable tag. Instagram shopping tags have become manna from heaven for a business that uses Instagram as a channel to drive traffic to the website. On second thought, Instagram shopping tags are the first clickable links that take customers away from the social network. Shoppable Instagram tags allow brands to sell stuff (and earn money), and people – to buy stuff (and be happy). They coped with their tasks judging by some case studies. 

For example, the guys from said that they received over 1200 orders and 100,000 visits to the site since connecting shopping tags. Shopping tags officially work in 46 countries, from the USA to Uruguay.

Instagram shopping

What is Instagram shopping really good at? 

Instagram has long turned into a vast trading platform. Here you can find anything you want – from custom-made furniture to Korean cosmetics. Instagram business is conducted not only by individuals but also by well-known global brands today.

But despite this, there was no streamlined and straightforward “how to sell a product” scheme before the advent of trade tags. Someone attracted people to the landing page through a link in the profile header, and someone communicated with customers through Direct. Instagram was a kind of beautiful showcase where you can see photos of the product and learn more about it.

The state of things has dramatically changed with the introduction of shopping tags. In countries where tags are already working at full strength, companies are talking about the excellent results of their use. For instance:

  • Spearmintbaby guys claim that their revenue has increased by 8%, and the conversion rate has increased by 25%;
  • Tymeiron’s conversion rate has increased by 44%, with the introduction of trade tags.

How to organize shopping Instagram 

Shopping Tags will help you:

Increase sales. Nowadays, you can mark products on the photo instead of a clickable link in bio. As a result, there will be more emotional purchases of the type “Came → Saw → Wanted → Immediately bought”.

Improve the advertising effectiveness with bloggers. Influencers don’t need to give a link to a store account, because they can place your shopping tag on their posts. So the blogger’s followers can quickly click on the tag and find out everything that interests them about your product.

Get important statistics. Thanks to shopping tags, you can track how many customers come to your site from Instagram and which of your products are more popular. 

Simplify Instagram shopping. You can leave the shopping tag, instead of answering the questions “give a link to the bag in the second row, left.”

Instagram shopping features 

Let me tell you briefly about the main nuances of interacting with shopping tags:

  • You can’t promote shopping tags’ posts as advertising. Alas! This function will probably appear later, as happened with carousel posts. Today, that option doesn’t exist.
  • You can’t tag a person and a product on the publication at the same time. No one knows why, but there is such a limitation. 
  • When the tags first appeared, there was information that shopping tags’ posts could not be edited. Indeed, this is a myth. Posts can be edited, like everything else.
  • You can use shopping tags in Stories. The placement mechanism is the same as in regular publications.
  • A person first gets to the Facebook catalog, and only then to the site by clicking on the tag.
  • You can’t add shopping tags to old posts. Shopping tags are available for new posts and recent publications after activating tags.
  • Also, you can’t put a tag on a post published using the posting scheduler. We hope this is a time limit. 
  • You can’t see full statistics on shopping tags yet. 
  • You can place no more than five tags on one photo
  • You can see the most clickable tags in statistics. 
  • The button “To the store” appears after adding nine posts with shopping tags in the account. It’s a great innovation! To go to your site, the reader needs to click one button.

How to connect to shopping tags?

According to Instagram rules, your account must meet the following points to access shopping tags:

  1. You must sell physical products that comply with Instagram shopping rules. That means, if you are a coach, consultant, or makeup artist, you can’t connect shopping tags.
  2. You must have a business profile.
  3. The “Shop” section should be set up with all the products on your Facebook business page.

The first two points are quite simple and obvious. But on the third, we dwell in more detail. Follow the instructions to set up your Facebook store and enable trade tags.

How to add shopping tags?

  1. Make sure you have the latest Instagram version. 
  2. Turn on the VPN on your phone and make sure it connects through one of the countries to which shopping tags are available (for example, Italy). Log in to Instagram only through a VPN!
  3. Wait 1-5 days for Instagram to verify your account. Then you should receive a notification that Shopping Tags are connected.

Note! Some readers say that they don’t receive a notification about connecting tags, but a function appears. If you haven’t received information for a long time, try editing the publication. You may already have access to tags.

To add Shopping Tags to your posts:

  1. Open the profile settings and select “Shopping”.
  1. Select your product catalog.
  1. Just open your last post, click the “Edit” button, and add Shopping Tags!
Shopping Tags

How to work with shopping tags for impressive results

Let’s talk about Instagram shopping and shopping tags! Shopping tag is an excellent tool for interacting with customers. But, like everything else, tags won’t work without:

  • Up-to-date content
  • Quality product
  • A deliberate promotion strategy

We recommend you work on these three Instagram fundamentals before introducing trade tags.

Implement our instructions, use shopping tags, promote your acc, and you’ll see soon that conversion rate will increase. Good luck!

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