Instagram Like Bot: A Link Between Business & Client!

Instagram Like Bot

Why do business need and Instagram Like Bot? Learn the tips on using Instagram to promote your business.

Visual content is vital for the promotion of any business (cafe, insurance agency, salon, shop, etc.). Instagram is the best platform to publish it. People see photos of dishes, interior, events.  Plus it can be made beautiful using various filters.

Instagram is among the most promising social platforms for business promotion. So we all need strong tools to perform on this platform. For example, people tend to use Instagram Like Bot or Post Planners to succeed and save money and time.

Instagram is essential for every business. Why?

First, the popularity of this network is growing steadily. At the same time, Instagrammers demonstrate high involvement in interaction with each other and with brands (likes, reposts, views).

Secondly, Instagram allows you to publish and consume visual content that is perceived by users thousands of times faster than any text. Add here the ability to use Instagram on the go. It turns out almost an ideal social platform for modern people living at a frantic pace.

Third, unlike traditional social networks, platforms for sharing visual content successfully generate immediate conversions.

Why do businesses need an Instagram Like Bot?

The core audience of this social network is represented by young people between the ages of 18 and 29, who often make purchasing decisions under the influence of social platforms. The number of likes, views and reposts plays a huge role. The more likes and followers, the more people trust this place, brand, person, etc. That is why many people wonder how to use Instagram like bot and what is better to choose. Here again, you should choose a service that offers real followers and likes.

Do not forget that in the gender context women are dominating on Instagram. Instagram users are actively using the network. 57 % of owners check the account at least once a day, and 35 % do it several times a day.

Tips on using Instagram to promote your business

If you sell services like a makeup artist, online trading or laptop repair, visual social platforms, including Instagram, are more suitable for this purpose. Clothing, cosmetics, handmade, photos, decorative items – these are some categories of products that can be promoted on Instagram.

The following  tips will help you attract customers in practice:

1. Optimize your company profile on Instagram

Optimization will make your company profile visible to users. Do the following to make your account more attractive:

  • Set your company logo as your profile photo. If you do not have a logo, use the image of a product.
  • Use the name of your company and/or words that express the essence of the business as a nickname.
  • Briefly describe the heart of your proposal. Users want to know what you are selling.
  • Write your contact information, including the website URL in the description.

Pay attention to privacy settings. Your photos should be available to all users.

2. The face of the business is its customers

If you own a restaurant, one of the most important elements is your guests. First of all, people come to this place not only for taking a meal, but to communicate – to look at others and to show themselves. But the cuisine should always be up to the mark.

There are five main reasons for visiting restaurants:

  • Getting pleasure from communication/pleasant atmosphere.
  • Business meeting, negotiations – impress the client/partner.
  • Romantic date/dinner.
  • A place where you can meet with friends.
  • Fast, tasty and inexpensive food.

What conclusion do we draw? Show that your place can offer all these points. Or not all – depends on status. Post photos of restaurant guests. Let your customers see they can have a good time here, communicate, meet with friends. Post emotions.

3. Publish photos of your products

Turn your Instagram account into a storefront. Invest in creating professional photos. When you take pictures of a cake on your old smartphone, it looks beautiful. When the photo is made by a professional, the cake looks so delicious that someone wants to buy it.

photo cake

4. Add hashtags

Tags help your target audience find your products. 4-5 tags are enough. The main thing – they must be correctly chosen. Many Instagram like bots include a function of selecting the most appropriate hashtags to your photo. That makes it much easier for you and saves time. And at the same time attracting more and more customers.

5. Periodically publish entertain content

Try to give the audience a reason to smile. It is nice when funny photos are associated with your business. A member of the support team spilt coffee on the keyboard? Show users that the company’s employees try not to ignore any application, so they can not go to the break, even for 5 minutes.

smartphone instagram

6. Post videos

Share videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, include them in the email newsletter. Don’t forget to post Instagram videos in your blog or website.

7. Use filters

It is better to set a single tone to your account on Instagram – choose a filter and use it every time.

8. Invite your audience to participate in giveaways

Giveaways with valuable prizes, effectively stimulate users activity. Use this tool to engage and get feedback from your audience. For instance, announce that the best photo will be chosen by the jury or promise to determine a winner using a generator.

9. Offer followers discounts and bonuses

Most social media users follow to brand pages to receive discounts. Instagrammers will actively follow to your account if you promise them bonuses. Don’t give out coupons for anything. Ask your followers to leave a few comments, mark friends, repost your photos, etc.


10. Show the backstage

A new office opening, weekly planning meetings – use such events to cover the activities of the business. Publish photos of employees in the workplace. Customers want to know they are communicating with real people, not with the faceless company X.

11. Show the capabilities of your product

Demonstrate how long the tea does not cool down in a thermocup, allow customers to evaluate clothes not on hangers, but on models, demonstrate the power of a vacuum cleaner, show hairstyles and makeup that can be done in your beauty salon.

12. Attract followers

The effectiveness of using Instagram directly depends on the number of followers. To increase this number, follow these guidelines:

  • Connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook account.
  • Use popular hashtags under your posts.
  • Follow other users, comment and Like their photos. If you don’t know how to use an Instagram bot to follow and like, leave this to the professionals. They definitely know better what is a good free Instagram Like Bot.

Facebook photo sharing is a very effective way to get your friends’ attention who don’t know about your Instagram account yet.

13. Control the effectiveness of business promotion on Instagram

Focus on all the same Instagram like bots. Many of them are Analytics tools as well. Such services allow tracking the number of comments, likes, the company’s website visits, shares in the form of diagrams, charts, and graphics.

What else is important to know about Instagram? Always be on the alert. Get ready for communication and criticism of the service, prices, etc. Just be ready. Always respond to reasonable criticism politely without attacking back. Don’t ignore the messages.

Make a mistake – it does not matter. It’s much worse to ignore it.

How to use Instagram Bot? Interaction with customers through comments and “Direct”

Your feed and profile style – certainly very important things, but do not forget about the interaction with your current and potential customers. Modern Instagram Bots have incredible modules like Comment Trackers or Automatic Instagram Direct Messengers. You should definitely try it!


Here are some tips on how to successfully interact with your audience not through visual content, but through direct communication in the comments or DM:

  • Answer quickly, but not monosyllabically and indifferently.
  • Never send to a potential client a link to the site: “here is everything you’re looking for, check it yourself.” You should find the position which interested him or her and provide detailed information.
  • At the end of any message, even the most detailed, add: “still have questions? I will be glad to answer you!” Try to turn your potential customers into the current, and you have to take care of them as well as of all your friends.
  • Define your dialogue as successful only when you were able to answer and find a solution to all client’s problems. Didn’t that happen? Your efforts are in vain. Any conversation with a potential customer is your money.
  • Follow the rules of business etiquette and watch what you say. Slang and speech patterns should be used only to fit your customer’s communication style.
  • Do not use complicated terms and explain everything clearly without lengthy constructions.
  • Use Emoji to evoke the right emotions. It will help to save time, focus on the necessary paragraphs of the text, and contribute to a closer connection with your audience.
  • When people come to you, they often do not know what they exactly need and want. Therefore, you should know your target audience well: to know the person for whom the product/service is intended and offer him/her the most appropriate option.
  • Help the client with the choice and when it works, he or she will turn to you again and again, and you will be considered as a good adviser. To do this, it is important to be aware of know-how.
  • Don’t underestimate users – don’t lie to them. Reputation is worth more than money. Sometimes people understand your products better than you. But always try to show the strengths of your product/services and hide the weaknesses.
  • Describe your product/services so that people want to buy it.
  • If you can’t, they won’t buy it.
  • Answer the same questions about delivery and payment with the same phrases: standard templates will help you to save time. Create a script for an account manager and write detailed instructions in it.
  • Use the welcome newsletter in “Direct” for new followers (one more feature of Instagram like bot)– to make it easier for your customers to interact with your account.
  • Tell customers about yourself, about how they can search for information in your business profile, about promotions and discounts, about traditions or about the rules: about the terms of delivery, features of the order or special offers.

4 ideas for interesting posts

How to make bot like and comment on your Instagram account? Attach the most successful photos to the posts and add elements of corporate identity to them.

Post #1: “Save our pizza maker»

You know, I almost fired our pizza maker yesterday. If you knew what he did to our new pizzas. OMG! He increased its weight on 0.5 kg, added a special sauce, cut into more vegetables. Of course, he did not forget about even more cheese.

He said if you don’t eat at least 200 of his wonderful new pizzas, he’ll admit defeat and quit himself. Try the new pizza at the old price until July 10. Save our pizza maker!

new pizzas

Post #2: “Get a Kilo of Mojito»

Next Saturday our club celebrates the “International Blondes Day”. Only this day our bartender acts contrary to logic and pours all blondes a kilo of Mojito at the standard price.

The main condition is your gorgeous Instagram photo.

P. S. you have a week to dye your hair.


Post #3: Tasty delivery

If we do not deliver (and we don’t) your order in 15 minutes, then you get a cupcake as a gift. We’re going to hand out soft and delicious cupcakes until they run out. We think the cupcakes will end up on November, 3. Hurry up!


Post #4: Temporary menu update

Our chef cooks for you! Choose one of the 10 dishes offered by our customers that you would like to try in our cafe. According to the voting results, the three most popular dishes will be cooked in our kitchen for a month. We are waiting for you!

menu update

Final word

The goal of any business, like any Instagram business, is to help build a customer’s understanding of you and your brand before and after purchasing your products and services.

Try to interact with your audience via Instagram. Use special services and always check what is a good free Instagram Like Bot on the net.  You will be able to attract customers selling clothes, handmade products, decorative items, services related to beauty and body care, even if you don’t know how to use an Instagram bot to follow and like. Optimize your profile, post photos of your products, tag them with hashtags, hold giveaways and offer discounts to customers.

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