How to Turn Off Number of Likes on Instagram

How to Turn Off Number of Likes on Instagram

how to turn off number of likes on instagram

If you want to hide the number of likes on your posts, you must visit the post you want to hide. Then, tap on the three dots located on the top right corner above the photo. From the drop-down menu that opens, select the option to “Hide like count.”

It helps remove social bias

Instagram recently announced that it would begin testing a new feature that would turn off the number of likes on your posts. It was put on hold when the social bias pandemic started to spread. Regardless of your political views, turning off the number of likes on your posts is a smart choice for your privacy and social well-being. It prevents people from making judgments about your content based on how many people have liked it and gives you a better chance of getting more likes in the future.

It’s a handy trick

In order to hide the number of likes on your posts, you must first go to the Advanced Settings of Instagram. There, you should find a section called “Like and view counts.” You can choose to hide the number of likes before publishing a post or after you have published it. This is a great way to avoid receiving unwanted comments. If you don’t want people to see your posts, you should also choose to hide the likes count.

Once you’ve turned off the number of likes on your photos, you should tap the settings icon and find the “Use less data” option. Make sure to click on this option, otherwise your experience might be slow. It’s best to use Wi-Fi to avoid this bug. However, there is a catch: you can only post 15-second videos in Instagram stories.

It’s a personal preference

If you’re tired of seeing your pictures’ like counts, you can now hide them. Instagram started hiding like counts for some countries to see if it would depress users. It is now possible to hide likes without affecting your followers’ experience. Whether you turn off the likes on your own photos or in a group post is up to you. Regardless, this new feature is useful for a number of reasons.

Despite the downside, many users find that Instagram’s like count feature is useful. For instance, when posting photos of a cat, you won’t see other people’s likes. This option is convenient and can make you feel more confident. However, it can be problematic to your self-esteem, especially if you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people.

It’s in a test phase

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It’s a little tricky

It’s possible to hide the number of likes on your Instagram post. However, it’s not as easy as Instagram makes it out to be. You can’t simply click the “heart” emoticon and expect the like count to disappear. There are a few different steps you need to take to hide the likes count on your Instagram post. Listed below are a few of the steps you can take.

Go to the post you want to hide and click the three dots located in the upper right hand corner. Choose “Hide like count” to hide the number of likes on that specific post. You’ll notice that the post now says “others,” not “likes.” Repeat these steps to reveal the likes, if you want to see who liked your posts. However, it’s recommended to turn off the number of likes on all of your posts if you’d like to keep the numbers up.