How to See When an Instagram Account Was Made

How to See When an Instagram Account Was Made

If you’re wondering how to see when an Instagram account was made, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four simple ways to figure out the date that a profile was created. To start, you need to look at the first media post. The date that this post was created is listed above it. In some cases, you may need to go back and delete some older posts to see this information.

Date joined

If you’re curious about how to find out when an Instagram account was created, here’s how. First, follow the account in question. If you’re on your phone, tap the three horizontal lines icon near the top of the screen. Next, tap “Settings” and select “Security and Access Data.” Look for the “Joined” date. In case it’s not displayed there, you can go to the profile’s “About” section.

This feature is only available in the mobile application. To see the exact date an Instagram account was created, you must be on the mobile app. If you’re using the desktop application, there’s no such feature. You can, however, view the account information on the About This Account page. This information includes the country from which the account was created and the username it used previously. The date is displayed on the first post, so if you want to check the account’s age before sharing it with your friends, this is the best way.


You can find out the Country When an Instagram account was made by checking its profile. There are different methods to see this information. You can also check the date the account was created. You can find out more by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. In case you want to know the name of the previous user who made the account, then you should search for their name. It will be visible in case you are logged in to the Instagram website.

The first step is to look at the media post of the account. The post should have a date in it. If the date is incorrect, delete the post and start the process again. It will be clear that the account was created in a different country. If it was created in a different country, you should try to change the name. If you’re unsure about your account’s country of origin, you can use a tool called Instagram Age Checker.

First post

You might be wondering how to see when an Instagram account was made. You can find out by looking at the account’s first post, which has the date it was made. This may not be the case if the account has been around for months. However, if you are curious, you can use the Insta Age Checker. It will give you insight into the validity of the account owner’s age.

If you’re having problems locating this information on Instagram, you can use the ‘Account Information’ section. Alternatively, you can use the ISTAUNCH tool to locate the account creation date. It will display the date on the first media post and will also be displayed on the profile page. To make this process quicker, you can use an emulator or your computer. Make sure you have the “Space” key pressed when you’re scrolling down.

Start date

The start date of an Instagram account can help you know when you’ve first created the account. Fortunately, the start date is also visible in the account’s profile page. If the start date is unavailable, you can use the online solution tool to determine when your account was originally created. While Instagram doesn’t offer customer service, Instagram experts at JA can help you solve your OS problems and recover your account. To find out more, read on.

Not all Instagram accounts make it easy to find out the start date. While you can find this information in the ‘Account Information’ section, this feature isn’t available to all accounts. The easiest way to figure out the start date is to scroll down to the user’s first post. Once you know this date, you can use the information to create a more detailed profile for your account. Alternatively, you can contact the user directly to request a copy of their account data.