Google Inbox

Google Inbox

The new app from Google is taking over the world since yesterday. Access is by invitation only and currently it seems that the people at Google can give those invitations. However, we managed to get our hands on an invitation and to test in the last 24 hours their new app Google Inbox.

The new service is not a substitute for the application like Gmail, but an alternative to ease your work e-mail sorting and grouping them into categories of interest.

Comes already predefined Travel, Shopping, Finance, Social Networks, Updates, Forums, Offers, but you can add new groups or remove existing groups.

There I started to group emails in Gmail that we all kind of filters that attach labels emails they receive and already have my organization’s e-mail that seems more useful.

A very interesting option that is sure going to use is the reminders, which can be programmed to come on a certain date or time. Usually when I have an idea, not a look, quickly remove the phone and I send an email to my address (ie the same address) with notes. Probably not the only one who does that with the Gmail app and then came this option seems very useful notifications.

Old labels are not affected, can use Google Gmail and Google simultaneously Index, the phone will receive two notices, one from each application, when you receive an email, but as you can give to one of them. I have not looked yet if you can disable the notifications options in the two applications.
Web version is very “mobile” and very light, no commercials, no menus to load the page, I think you can use your mobile as easy as its own application.

You can download the Android version here or iPhone here , but, however, you’ll need an invite to use them.

For regular readers have two guests, so leave us a comment that you tell us why you want to test Google Index and two of you will receive an invitation by e-mail that you signed message. Attention to be Google account and not another e-mail.

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