You have brown eyes? Find out what you can color makeup

brown eyes

Choosing the right makeup colors and textures is really handy.

You have to have a certain flair, and a minimum stock of knowledge about what suits you best. Girls with brown eyes, for example, they think they can make up with absolutely any color. However, there are nuances that would be better to avoid them, depending on skin tone and especially the iris.

Brown eye makeup should be done so as to enhance the iris color and shine look. By choosing a certain color can have a look charming or not, expressionless.

Actresses Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway and Penelope Cruz have understood this well and I know to emphasize on. Here below what colors to choose, depending on the color of your eyes.

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For dark brown eyes: makeup pink, lilac or nude
Warm tones are perfect for dark eyes. You can choose from a wide range of brown, chocolate and tan. You can try gray or cream pearl, iridescent beige, plum and black. If you like bluish, just choose metallic shades of blue or electric blue.

For evening, any color Metallic tin is suitable for: gold, bronze, copper-colored and silver looks great in combination with matte makeup. May audacious chic shades of green and orange.

For hazel eyes, golden brown or greenish brown: brown makeup, beige, chocolate
This will make the look to be warm, slightly exotic. You can choose green, but only dark shades and khaki.
If you want a make-up day is enough to use a black eyeliner pencil and mascara.

For evening, you can get an intense look by playing with pencil and eyeliner galore depleoape and using mascara for volume, not for long. It is important that genes seem very thick, and the length is given anyway creases drawn ink.

Black mascara is the ideal, but you can play with shades of plum or blue. Choose brown only if you have colored hair.

According pencil: black, blue, brown or plum.

For medium brown eyes, choose metallic colors
A festive makeup, glamorous accents will be made ​​easy with shades of gold, highlighted by dark brown. For a look of ‘femme fatale’, try smoky-eyes.

What colors should be avoided?
Avoid very light colors, not to have a look wiped out, dull. I will make you look hard or, worse, deleted.

Green highlights the beautiful browns, but not pale shades because they make the white part of the eyes look yellow.

Same effect has light blue, light blue or azure. Ideally blue shimmer in a shade darker.

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