Dana Sota recommends: Get your perfect scrub only with ingredients from the kitchen

Dana Sota is an expert in beauty and not exaggerate when we say expert. Dana opened his first facial and body aesthetic center of Bucharest, in 1999 He made TV shows and has written for several magazines beauty materials. Moreover, he wrote a book on the subject: “BEAUTY TO LEARN”.

Currently, Dana is a personal blog of beauty, where readers find the latest news, tipsuri of beauty procedures and treatments done in spas and salons, recipes for masks, creams, perfumes and many tips.

And because we consider an expert in beauty, we invited Dana to share with us every week, his beauty secrets. And, believe us, knows a lot!

Get your perfect scrub only

If you find the right product for exfoliating dead cells will propose today a version prepared at home with natural ingredients from the kitchen.

Very easy to do and very effective, scrub can be applied every day for normal and dry skins, and every two days for mixed and greasy skins.

Like the ingredients you need milk, lemon, coconut oil and salt or sugar … taste. Kidding, of course! Add salt if you want a finer scrub for face and sugar (can be refined) if you want a body scrub.

The advantage is that a scrub so prepared produce and a light scrub due to salt or sugar, and a “melting” of cell death, because the acids in the remaining ingredients.

So milk is rich in lactic acid, coconut oil contains boric acid and citric acid in lemons is found rich in vitam C (powerful antioxidant, helps build new collagen and strengthen capillary walls). Such a combination of natural acids foooarte leaves the skin smooth and shiny.

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