Best Way To Use Hashtags: Meet Free Hashtag Generator

Free Hashtag Generator

Instagram hashtags are an easy and effective tool to make your posts searchable and attract like-minded people. Surely, if they like your content, they will start following you and buy your goods. How to put correct hashtags and skip guesswork? I know a free and easy instrument – Toolzu Hashtag searcher. 

You just need 4 minutes to start your best experience in hashtagging and boost posts reach organically. I’ll explain why this Hashtag finder is the most efficient and how to apply it right. Let’s boost your awesome posts with unique views! 

5 reasons to test Toolzu Hashtags search

I experiment with numerous new services for digital marketing and Instagram promotion. You should be very picky here and use only reliable platforms. This Hashtags generator helped me to generate the sets of hashtags that improved my post’s reach by 2,7 times just in 5 days. What are the benefits:

  1. Convenient and specified search. The issue is you can type 1-5 words at once to make the results more target. I noticed that unlike the in-app hashtag’s search, this tool suggests hashtags having a key not only in the beginning but in the middle and end of a hashtag. 
  2. Multi-language. You are free to type using any alphabet and language – the finder records the best hashtags for any location. You just need to copy them. 
  3. Vast database. The archive of hashtags includes over 12 mln records, and the system is regularly updated. Remember, that some hashtags got banned by Instagram, and Toolzu excludes them. 
  4. Convenient classification. The results of your search are arranged according to the difficulty of getting to the TOP. Overused and spammy hashtags are marked as High, while niche hashtags are Low. I’ll teach you how to make a robust blend. 
  5. Explicit analytics. You can push any hashtag to view the statistics sufficient for your promotion. Explore time in the top section, likes count on publications and best posts to grasp your chances to appear among the leaders. 

Moreover, you can use the search combined with AI technology. You can insert a post link if you’ve already uploaded it on IG or paste an image from your PC. It works so smoothly! 

The easy and correct way to find hashtags

If you got impressed by the functionality, let’s find your first hashtags set. Register on Toolzu and open the Hashtags finder to get the process started. 

#1 Apply keywords

Apply keywords

Think over no more than five words and expressions relating to your image or business. You should separate them via commas. Don’t forget to use a foreign language search if you work with international markets. 

Alternatively, to the key-based search, you can start finding by a link or by a photo. Just follow the dedicated sections. 

#2 Perfect blending

Perfect blending

Mixing hashtags in the right proportion significantly improves the discovery of your post. When you generate hashtags, you’ll see, they are grouped, we need several from each group. Here is my formula: 

  • 1-3 of High hashtags. We don’t need much of these hashtags because they are more broad and hard to stand out. People follow them rarely.  
  • 6-10 of Medium hashtags. We need a bit more of this group – they are a golden middle. It means they are still too competitive but having more specific search results. 
  • 10-18 of Low hashtags. Niche hashtags occupy the principal portion of the mix. They are precise and include fewer spammy posts. You can appear in the TOP feed for days. 

Instagram limits its users to 30 hashtags per post. 

#3 Prepare 3-5 sets

Well, when you marked and copied the hashtags for your first set, don’t delay and make alternative sets — test synonyms to your keys, find hashtags for every type of content you plan for this month. 

Also, create a location-tied combination, connected to the niche and area you work in. That’s how people who live nearby find your content. Plus, you should mix hashtags in your combination, change the order, and add fresh hashtags. Posting the same set under every post is a failure!  

Add sets and hashtags exploration in your content planning routine. 

#4 Compare the results

How can you tell the hashtags worked well if you don’t monitor the analytics? Adjust your IG account as a business if you still don’t and see how many views were driven through hashtags. Simply open the post’s insights and check the number of reach by hashtags.  

My metrics boosted twice in several days! You need to wait a bit and test several combinations. 

Never stop searching! 

My final word

All in all, you got an in-depth insight in 4 minutes on how to hashtag like a skilled strategist. The process is getting straight-forward with a smart helper – Toolzu Hashtags generator. Test it right now – free of charge and quick! 

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