Beauty routine in fast-forward

Beauty routine in fast-forward

In a world so nervous, the time makeup is becoming less and less. But to not give up the daily ritual of skin care – ritual which includes makeup – just learn a few tricks.
So, in ten minutes you’ll do what you normally manage more than half an hour:

1. Choose mineral powder
Replace the usual steps of a classic with the efficiency of a powder makeup minerals with a large brush stretch mineral powder that has the coverage of a foundation and is found in many shades – from light to dark. The skin will play a warm glow.
Then add an extra amount on the cheekbones, a slight shadow on the eyelids and eyebrows and lip gloss.

2. The neutral zone
When you choose neutral colors, basically choose the right makeup security even when you hurry: Choose a shade of blush slightly deeper than the natural color of the eyelids and lips.
When you have too little time, bold colors are very risky, you can always turn into a fiasco Malachi.

3. The art of mascara gives you hurry …
Mascara always subtle difference between a bad and a good makeup makeup, but it is difficult to apply mascara when you’re on the run.

Think about eyelash extensions when you’re sure that whoever you apply them is a professional who knows how to create natural feeling.
The process is painless, you look rested and without makeup and must retouch than a few weeks.

4. Manicure false
Do not waste time fixing and polish every morning instead choose a nail strengthener nail one every few days. It will look clean and polished and will not jump on the nails.
Do not forget dose of vitamins and minerals that make your nails brighter.

5. Wash your bangs only
It is impossible to wash your hair and your hairdresser every day to continually seem fresh. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hairdresser with hair dryer and you just brush and bangs.
Bangs is the fastest who get fat (sebum and sweat because of the forehead) and is the most exposed area of the head.

6. Save a step skin care
For an astringent or toner separately to smooth skin, wash your face with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This ingredient breaks down and removes dead skin cells, keeping pores clean.

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