Man Alive: 13 The Sexiest Instagram Models Guys!

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If guys can admire sexy beauties in men’s magazines, then why women can not treat themselves to a selection of Instagram models guys? We thought and decided not to postpone this matter indefinitely. 

Top Instagram models guys in the majority are incredibly beautiful and have ideal reliefs of a body – and it is quite normal, after all, thanks to them, we have an approximate idea about what is truly man’s beauty. In order to achieve such heights, men have to go the hard way. The profession of the model is short-lived, and to be more precise, it is short-lived at all, but this does not prevent men from breaking through obstacles and becoming famous! After his career, some of them go into the shadows, but most of them continue their way to the top of the Olympus of Fame.

The devil’s dozen: Let’s get started!

Models, doctors, animal rights defenders and Champions of mixed Martial Arts… Oh, my Gosh! This is not Instagram models girls, it’s Instagram models guys! Their photos it is a delight for the eyes! Girls, you are welcome!

  1. Jon Kortajarena. Spain, 34 years. 2.2 million followers
Jon Kortajarena

Forbes named John the most successful model among men. This guy is clearly lucky. His first success was signing the contract with Tom Ford. The second is the role in the film “A single man”. The whole world has learned about John. Then there were shooting videos of Madonna and Fergie, endless photo shoots for magazines. In 2015, John was among the five best mannequins of all time. 

2. Nick Bateman. Canada, 31 years. 6.4 million followers

Nick Bateman

Like many of the hottest Instagram models, Nick combines the podium and shooting movies. For the sake of acting career, the mannequin moved with the girl to Los Angeles. This sports handsome man is not only a model but also a champion in Martial Arts (he has a black belt in karate). In his social networks, he often demonstrates techniques of karate. Also, Nick has a higher education (graduated from University in Vancouver) and his own karate school in Canada. Recently Bvlgari has chosen a canadian handsome man as the Ambassador of the new perfume Man Wood Essence. By the way, Nick has a girlfriend, Maria Corrigan.

3. Lucky Blue Smith. The USA, 20 YEARS. 3.1 million followers

Lucky Blue Smith

The favorite of photographers and one of the most popular mannequins in 2018. He entered the top 50 best models of men. GQ called him the most stylish of living men. He grew up in a large Mormon family. His mother, the former model Sheridan, brought him into the modeling business. At the age of 12, Lucky signed a contract with Next Management, and the whole family immediately moved to Los Angeles, where Lucky and his brothers and sisters studied at home. At 13 Smith had been shot for Vogue, and signed a major advertising contract. 

4. Andre Hamann. Germany, 30 years, 1.1 million followers

Andre Hamann

This muscular blond in tattoos is one of the Instagram models who leads the most sincere Instagram. In it, he puts his own recipes of granola and rice wafers (Yes, he also prepares!), photo of his favorite dog, their training, traveling to Bali and only occasionally shows the glamorous part of his life. Meanwhile, today he is one of the highest-paid European models-men. His career began accidentally when he worked as a salesman in Vienna. Now he has a million followers and fans. He works with Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Diesel, and others. This guy is not only handsome but also talented. Andre is the owner of the Haze & Glory jewelry brand, the design of which he develops himself. Besides, the modeling, he is a fan of running, cycling and JIU-jitsu. Hamann is generally active in social networks, corresponded with fans and believes that the main thing on Instagram – content, but also beautiful appearance helps to promote. He loves his dog – Hollow. By the way, Hollow is a favorite of his followers. Well, at least I’m honest!

5. Marlon Teixeira. Brazil, 26 years. 656K followers

Marlon Teixeira

Not only Brazilian girls are known for their beauty. This guy often gets into the rank of the sexiest and most beautiful men in the world. In the best Instagram models, he came, thanks… grandmother. She asked her friend, the head of the model Agency Way Model Management, to take in its database photos of her grandson. Thus began Teixeira’s career. In Europe, the guy recognized as the face of Armani. 

6. Sean O’Pry. The USA, 29 years. 679K followers

Sean O'Pry

One of the sexiest Instagram models and also highest-paid mannequins, whose fortune is estimated at 6.5 million dollars, was born in a family with Irish and Indian roots. At school, he was engaged in athletics, baseball, and basketball and was going to become a professional athlete. But he chose a modeling career. In 2006, the owner and Director of the Model Agency AIM Model Management found pictures of Sean in the social network MySpace. A teenager was 17. Since then, the guy with the piercing eyes never regretted about the uncomplicated sports career. O’Pry became the face of Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Viktor & Rolf, and other brands. At men’s fashion Weeks, he opens and closes shows. 

7. Ton Heukels. Germany, 26 years. 123K followers

Ton Heukels

This guy is the hottest Instagram model today. But in his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a fireman, a pilot or a Jedi (Hamels fan of “Star Wars”). The temperament of Italians helped him to become a model. Tone came on vacation to Milan. After a week, Tone had already signed a contract. And a day later flew to the first shooting in London. Tone loves shooting with animals, snowboarding and series Netfliх. And least of all – early rises. Except for his own photos on Instagram, there’s nothing there. There he is surfing in Morocco, and here he is swimming with sharks in the Maldives, riding a yacht on Capri, drinking coffee in Paris. Apparently, things are going well with Ton. The model is actively removed and participates in shows. He doesn’t have a profile on Facebook or Twitter. So all that remains for his fans is to write Instagram models on Instagram.

8. Francisco Lachowski. Brazil, 31 years. 1.9 million followers

Francisco Lachowski

Website “” called him the best model. He is one of the most popular model at Ford Models. In his Instagram says: father, husband, sports addict. Such a signature Francisco decided to do, to nip rumors about his sexual orientation. For the same reason, he has stopped hiding his personal life, and now in his social networks, there are a lot of photos of his family and children. Lachowski happily married for ten years. Biography of Chico (Brazil nickname are all those whose name is Francisco) typical for models. At the age of 17, he took part in the TV show “You are a supermodel”. The finalist of the TV show was immediately invited to Dior campaign with Karl Lagerfeld. This guy knows how to look like an innocent teenager, and as a fatal man. The most pleasant of the fellow models Francisco calls Gigi Hadid: “She is so sweet with everyone on the court, and she is very beautiful. One of the best models I’ve worked with.” His surname betrays European roots – his ancestors come from Poland. Like everybody in his country, he loves football, and professionally plays tennis and loves fishing.

9. Oliver Cheshire. United Kingdom, 30 years. 203K followers

Oliver Cheshire

Oliver began his modeling career as a teenager. His first photoshoot was with the Russian model Natalia Vodianova: “I was so nervous that I did not understand what I was doing and where I was!”. Now the most beautiful supermodels in the world are nervous in his presence. His cheekbones are able to steal any girl’s mind! Cheshire was born in a simple family and dreamed of becoming like his father, a fireman. Now Oliver works as a stylist on the website of men’s fashion. So it can be seen not only on the podium but also at the forefront of fashion shows. For novice models, Oliver gives only one advice: “Learn to leave your ego at the door!”. 

10. Stephen James Hendry. England, 28 years. 2,3 million followers

Stephen James Hendry

A favorite of Riccardo Tisci, Philipp Plein, Dolce & Gabbanа, Calvin Klein. He is a professional athlete, and he has a black belt in judo. He came to Paris at the invitation of a scout who saw a photo of a handsome brunette in social networks. At first, James thought it was a joke. Now he combines shootings, castings, and training and says that his whole life is a solid planning and strict discipline. This guy seems to love his job. In his Instagram there are only photos from the filming, shows, and flights. And everywhere words of gratitude for what he does. A rare quality in our time. 

11. Nils Visser. The USA, 19 years. 2.5 million followers

Nils Visser

Born in Arizona, one of the Instagram models dreamed of making a lot of money from an early age. The right facial features and perfect athletic figure led him to the Photo Studio. At his young age, he is the most successful mannequin on the planet, he has his own online clothing store Living Regal, he is engaged in producing music, and he has his own YouTube channel, which has 400 thousand subscribers. His style icon is David Beckham. His hobbies are business, music, and fashion. 

12. Jordan Barrett. Australia, 22 years. 1,1 million followers

Jordan Barrett

In 2016, the site “” called Jordan “Model of the year”. Jordan’s modeling career started when he was 14. Scout Agency IMG Australia remarked him in the store when Barret… stealing cigarettes. Jordan has already worked with Tom Ford, Balmain, Versace, Moschino, Coach, and many other brands. His agent – Jen Rami, who worked with Kate Moss for 25 years, took a male client for the first time in his life. “I had looked in his eyes. I immediately thought he was a star,”. A tall boy with a childish face is often compared to young DiCaprio. 

13. Pietro Boselli, Italy, 30 years. 2,7 million followers

Pietro Boselli

He is recognized as the sexiest mathematics teacher in the world. He also works as a model, writes his doctorate, and opposes sexist labels. As a child, he was a football player, won the youth international match. Then Pietro decided to do science, he was always interested in the exact sciences. Recently he started his modeling career. And I must say successfully! Now, he is one of the most popular guys on Instagram, he is liked around the world literally every second.

If among the female hot models are leading Brazilians, the leaders among the beautiful men in this business, immigrants from the United States. It is clear that the career of the male in the world of fashion and glossy advertising is not as brilliant as that of women. They can not always be recognized in the crowd. 

If you are not satisfied with the contemplation of male beauty, we offer you to look at the most beautiful women in the world and compare the fashion for the male and female appearance. 

Final word 

Everything in the world should be harmonious. And if women began to play hockey and learn professions such as police and fire, and men did not stand aside and came to the podium.

As a rule, they have a classic aristocratic appearance, and high growth. When we collected the rating of the most beautiful men models, we noticed that there is an elusive similarity between all the beauties, and there is a type that is in demand today in the modeling business.

Unfortunately, male Instagram models are less in demand than girls. The most beautiful male models, this is the standard of the male image in the fashion world. We are glad that among the most beautiful men models dominated by the type of courageous handsome.

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